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Size : A4
Type : Graph – printed in Gray
Sheets : 70 – micro perforated sheets – Grids on one side only.


I love the layout of this notebook , its a landscape layout but of course you can use it in portrait if you don’t mind the title and date section being on the side.

The paper is smooth and works well with almost all types of pens.

** click on the photo for larger view **

I'd love to know what is wriiten !

Showthrough , you can see that the grids are only on one side the other sade is just a blank sheet.

Lines printed in gray

micro perforated sheets for clean tears , also I love how they removed one ring from each side so you can place your finger and tear the page cleanly.

Small arrow indicates the center of the page

You can get this notebook from , more sizes and sheet types available.


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