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I used the original Frixion pens a long time ago and hated it. I mostly hated how the ink was washed out and the location of the eraser being on the end of the pen. But when I first discovered  JetPens and was browsing , I saw that there were many other models ! Looking at the pens in a local shop, I was surprised to see the Frixion Point pens and in colors too ( although , a really small selection).  Because usually they only get black, red and blue. They had them in 0.4 and 0.5, so I picked up blue and purple in 0.4 along with orange and pink in 0.5. I’ve tried the original Frixion pens , the -color-pencil-like and the ball knock in both 0.7 and 0.5.

I was kinda disappointed to see that the eraser was the same as the older ones located at the end of the pen, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. The nib although fine seems solid and sturdy. The grip is really nice and because I tend to grip low they are perfect.

Like all Frixion pens the ink is the Thermo-Sensitive ink that makes it erasable by using friction. They ink will disappear in high temperatures(60°C) and will reappear in low temperatures (-10 °C).

I currently use these pens in my Moleskine Notebook ( My to-do list notebook ), and they are perfect !

Erased the letters after I highlighted.

You can get these from JetPens over here.


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