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I haven’t posted for a quite a while because I started school on the 19th last month and I’ve been super busy and if I’m not busy, I’m to tired to work on the laptop.

So, on to the review :
It features a twist mechanism, where you switch by twisting the clip. This pen originally comes
with a black and red 0.7 ballpoint and a 0.5 pencil component. The confusing part : I got 3 of this pen, all the models had B.P Black and Red on them. Except that instead of what should have been black is blue. I’m guessing it has something to do with that these were being sold in the middle east, where the common color of ink is blue not black. So anyways, this pen is made from plastic but it showed that it is well built and sturdy, I’ve been using the clear one for almost 3 years and it hasn’t broke and I can’t seem to treat my pens well what so ever. Only thing is that I lost the eraser cap. I also replaced the red ballpoint with a black one ( I’m not sure which one, that’s why I didn’t include it in the writing sample), because we’re not allowed to use red in out notebooks in school and I used this pen for school mainly. The grip is a really nice hard rubber grip and the pen itself is light weight but not too light, and isn’t too thick being a 3 in one pen. Lead is extended by pushing on the top of the pen ( the eraser ). Refills for this pen are available in 4 colors, blue, black, red and green. Eraser refills are also available.

It’s cheap, it works wonderfully and lasts long !

**Click on images for larger view **

JetPens carry 6 models of this pen including the eco green version, which is made out of recycled material, you can check them out here.


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