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I’ve always loved the barrel of the F-701. Stainless steel , knurled grip and soft click. But, as much as I loved the barrel I hated the ink. Couple of days ago I took the F-701 out of the drawer and remembered that I had a useless Surari Ink refill from my Surari 0.7 pen that I cut trying to hack a pen. So I gave it a try didn’t even check if it was the same length, put it in , screwed the tip on and clicked! And to my surprise it worked fine!

So to hack your F-701 all you need to do is line up your f-701 refill with the Surari one and cut the Surari refill so it is equal to the F-701 refill.

Here are some pictures : **Click on them for larger view**

Click here to get the F-701 and here for the Surari. You can get the refill only over here, but I’m not sure the spring is included and the spring with the F-701 can’t be removed.

 Now you’ve got great ink in a great barrel! Awesome 😀

^-^ Happy New Year ^-^



  1. Now if only it were that easy with a decent gel refill!

    • There’s got to be something! I’m definitely on a hunt for that! 🙂

  2. Hi, I tried this last night but the cut-down surari refill wouldn’t extend/retract properly in the 701. Using surari ink in it would be a dream for me, so is there any chance you could measure the length of your cut-down surari refill so I can be sure mine is the same?


    • Hello, make sure it’s the same length as the refill you got in currently. And make sure you use the spring that came with the surari, it is shorter than the one in the 701. I’m terrible in measuring things , but it should be about 9cm take or give. Double check it’s the same as the original refill. And sorry for the late reply.

      • Hey, speaking of late replies…!

        Anyway, I got it to work when I tried it again around August 2013, and it’s fantastic. It’s been my go-to pen ever since, and I’m about to make another for a friend. I’ve also done the mod to combine the F402 mechanism with the F701 barrel; they look much better together (all-metal, no branding etc).

        Thanks for the idea and the followup assistance!

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