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Finals in less than a week !

Yes it’s that time of the year, taking notes, reading, writing, busting my brains memorizing! Here’s what also is happening:

Hmmmm, Which pen case should I use this time ?

Which pencils ? How many ? Lead ?

Block eraser ? Plastic or foam ? Fun erasers ?

Liquid , gel or ballpoint ?! Ok… Which one?

Noooo! That’s all wrong i should use …. and … etc.

Everytime! And my family still haven’t gotten use to these questions that I ask  almost  each of them.

The rule for pens for exams is simple : Blue Ballpoint

But I’ve discovered  that it’s ok to use whatever as long as it doesn’t bleed and make a mess by smudging. I used the uni-ball vision elite 0.5 liquid pen in Blue last year. But I have small handwriting especially in Arabic for some reason so it becomes small and eligible and with the ink being absorbed and even slight feathering with those dark bold dots to write on, it was really difficult for me to read it so imagine how it was for my picky picky teachers.

I have just discovered that I can get a decent 0.5 ballpoint pen! I usually find those Chinese ones that skip, blotch and stop working half way through writing an essay. How did that happen? JETPENS !

In my recent order I ordered 3 0.5 ballpoints:

Jetsream – Basic Series

Zebra Surari Emulsion Ink Pen

Pilot Acroball Smooth Writing Ballpoint Pen

I’ve previously used these pens in 0.7 and 1.0mm

The main characteristics I was looking for in order of importance :

1. Clean, Sharp and Consistent line.

2. Reasonable nice shade of Blue ink.

3. Comfortable grip.

4. Smoothness

 Testing the pens, comparison and photos :

Jetsream: Best looking – Best shade of  blue – sharp line – minimal white streaks – smooth – good grip.

Surari: Finest line – terrible light shade of blue – least comfortable grip

Acroball: Best grip – Nice shade of blue – some white streaks

Winner:  Jetstream!

What is/was your go to pen for exams?

Have a nice day! And wish me luck 🙂

 Edit : This was supposed to be posted way back in time but I thought I’d post it since it was already written and all.

And I have one thing to say about the Jetsream, IT SKIPPED! I’m thinking it’s because of the paper used.


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