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Finals in less than a week !

Yes it’s that time of the year, taking notes, reading, writing, busting my brains memorizing! Here’s what also is happening:

Hmmmm, Which pen case should I use this time ?

Which pencils ? How many ? Lead ?

Block eraser ? Plastic or foam ? Fun erasers ?

Liquid , gel or ballpoint ?! Ok… Which one?

Noooo! That’s all wrong i should use …. and … etc.

Everytime! And my family still haven’t gotten use to these questions that I ask  almost  each of them.

The rule for pens for exams is simple : Blue Ballpoint

But I’ve discovered  that it’s ok to use whatever as long as it doesn’t bleed and make a mess by smudging. I used the uni-ball vision elite 0.5 liquid pen in Blue last year. But I have small handwriting especially in Arabic for some reason so it becomes small and eligible and with the ink being absorbed and even slight feathering with those dark bold dots to write on, it was really difficult for me to read it so imagine how it was for my picky picky teachers.

I have just discovered that I can get a decent 0.5 ballpoint pen! I usually find those Chinese ones that skip, blotch and stop working half way through writing an essay. How did that happen? JETPENS !

In my recent order I ordered 3 0.5 ballpoints:

Jetsream – Basic Series

Zebra Surari Emulsion Ink Pen

Pilot Acroball Smooth Writing Ballpoint Pen

I’ve previously used these pens in 0.7 and 1.0mm

The main characteristics I was looking for in order of importance :

1. Clean, Sharp and Consistent line.

2. Reasonable nice shade of Blue ink.

3. Comfortable grip.

4. Smoothness

 Testing the pens, comparison and photos :

Jetsream: Best looking – Best shade of  blue – sharp line – minimal white streaks – smooth – good grip.

Surari: Finest line – terrible light shade of blue – least comfortable grip

Acroball: Best grip – Nice shade of blue – some white streaks

Winner:  Jetstream!

What is/was your go to pen for exams?

Have a nice day! And wish me luck 🙂

 Edit : This was supposed to be posted way back in time but I thought I’d post it since it was already written and all.

And I have one thing to say about the Jetsream, IT SKIPPED! I’m thinking it’s because of the paper used.


I’ve always loved the barrel of the F-701. Stainless steel , knurled grip and soft click. But, as much as I loved the barrel I hated the ink. Couple of days ago I took the F-701 out of the drawer and remembered that I had a useless Surari Ink refill from my Surari 0.7 pen that I cut trying to hack a pen. So I gave it a try didn’t even check if it was the same length, put it in , screwed the tip on and clicked! And to my surprise it worked fine!

So to hack your F-701 all you need to do is line up your f-701 refill with the Surari one and cut the Surari refill so it is equal to the F-701 refill.

Here are some pictures : **Click on them for larger view**

Click here to get the F-701 and here for the Surari. You can get the refill only over here, but I’m not sure the spring is included and the spring with the F-701 can’t be removed.

 Now you’ve got great ink in a great barrel! Awesome 😀

^-^ Happy New Year ^-^

I cannot believe how long it’s been since I have posted something ! I’m really busy with school 😦 I’m hoping I’ll post a couple reviews before I start my finals. Oh, and I just looked through my posts and I have a lot of typos ! I’m sorry.

So onto the eraser :

First of all, I’m not really much of an eraser user, I’m usually using pens and if I do use a pencil I don’t use an eraser to erase. I just cross it off.

Pros :

– Erases cleanly

-Soft no scratching or tearing paper

-Crumbles up, no dust

Cons :

The small version is not comfortable to hold and erase . I guess it’s to short.

Jetpens carry the large version in a pack of 3 for $2.30 over here.

My third order from JetPens arrived, as always super fast!

With the Sunstar Ball point pens with scented barrel for my mom and the SAKI pen case for my sister.

I haven’t posted for a quite a while because I started school on the 19th last month and I’ve been super busy and if I’m not busy, I’m to tired to work on the laptop.

So, on to the review :
It features a twist mechanism, where you switch by twisting the clip. This pen originally comes
with a black and red 0.7 ballpoint and a 0.5 pencil component. The confusing part : I got 3 of this pen, all the models had B.P Black and Red on them. Except that instead of what should have been black is blue. I’m guessing it has something to do with that these were being sold in the middle east, where the common color of ink is blue not black. So anyways, this pen is made from plastic but it showed that it is well built and sturdy, I’ve been using the clear one for almost 3 years and it hasn’t broke and I can’t seem to treat my pens well what so ever. Only thing is that I lost the eraser cap. I also replaced the red ballpoint with a black one ( I’m not sure which one, that’s why I didn’t include it in the writing sample), because we’re not allowed to use red in out notebooks in school and I used this pen for school mainly. The grip is a really nice hard rubber grip and the pen itself is light weight but not too light, and isn’t too thick being a 3 in one pen. Lead is extended by pushing on the top of the pen ( the eraser ). Refills for this pen are available in 4 colors, blue, black, red and green. Eraser refills are also available.

It’s cheap, it works wonderfully and lasts long !

**Click on images for larger view **

JetPens carry 6 models of this pen including the eco green version, which is made out of recycled material, you can check them out here.

I used the original Frixion pens a long time ago and hated it. I mostly hated how the ink was washed out and the location of the eraser being on the end of the pen. But when I first discovered  JetPens and was browsing , I saw that there were many other models ! Looking at the pens in a local shop, I was surprised to see the Frixion Point pens and in colors too ( although , a really small selection).  Because usually they only get black, red and blue. They had them in 0.4 and 0.5, so I picked up blue and purple in 0.4 along with orange and pink in 0.5. I’ve tried the original Frixion pens , the -color-pencil-like and the ball knock in both 0.7 and 0.5.

I was kinda disappointed to see that the eraser was the same as the older ones located at the end of the pen, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. The nib although fine seems solid and sturdy. The grip is really nice and because I tend to grip low they are perfect.

Like all Frixion pens the ink is the Thermo-Sensitive ink that makes it erasable by using friction. They ink will disappear in high temperatures(60°C) and will reappear in low temperatures (-10 °C).

I currently use these pens in my Moleskine Notebook ( My to-do list notebook ), and they are perfect !

Erased the letters after I highlighted.

You can get these from JetPens over here.

Info :

  • Capacity : 2-35 sheets.
  • Refills with : Max N.11 – 1M staplers only.
  • Loads 100 staplers.
  • At the back of the stapler you get a stapler remover.
  • Light effort and Flat Clinch makes it easy to staple up to 35 sheets with ease , using just one hand and no effort and keeps the papers flat and not bulky.

** Click on photos for larger view **

Video review : Click Here

Easy to see how many staplers you have in there

Stapler remover

Stapled 39 sheets

stapled 39 sheets

You can get the newer model of this stapler from JetPens over here.

In my first order from JetPens I got this cool scissors , they are a pen-sized folding scissors making them easy to throw in a bag or a pencil pouch without worrying about the blades scratching your other stuff , also making them more portable 🙂

** Video Review here **

– Click on images for larger view – 

Just like a pen , it has a cap along with a clip.

It is right and left hand friendly. It can be adjusted using those little black things , they can be removed and replace to adjust the size of the handle and the direction.

Sharp and clean !

Available at JetPens in two other colors ( Black and pink ).
There is a also a compass in the same style.

This pencil case is made of nylon which makes it durable and easy to clean.

It has a large capacity and fit over 30 pens ( Note : It depends on the sizes and accessories you carry with)

* Watch the video of the case here :

  ** Click on images for larger view **

It features 3 compartments :

  • Big zippered pouch with a mesh hanging pocket

The that can fit an eraser or money or other small items.

  • The second is the zippered pocket that is the flap its self.

  • The third compartment is when you open flap it secured by velcro , its a small pouch and has 3 mesh pockets.

Gap at the end of the big pouch.

Sorry , I don’t think I got it right with the images , but you can see the case in the video review.

You can get this case from , more colors available !

Any questions are welcome 🙂

Size : A4
Type : Graph – printed in Gray
Sheets : 70 – micro perforated sheets – Grids on one side only.


I love the layout of this notebook , its a landscape layout but of course you can use it in portrait if you don’t mind the title and date section being on the side.

The paper is smooth and works well with almost all types of pens.

** click on the photo for larger view **

I'd love to know what is wriiten !

Showthrough , you can see that the grids are only on one side the other sade is just a blank sheet.

Lines printed in gray

micro perforated sheets for clean tears , also I love how they removed one ring from each side so you can place your finger and tear the page cleanly.

Small arrow indicates the center of the page

You can get this notebook from , more sizes and sheet types available.